Friday, 12 June 2009

Fashion...Turn to the left

With just the bass bin and a couple of pairs of speakers on board we headed off to Norfolk again. Althea is getting very sluggish now and I'm starting to worry that she'll stop altogether soon. I'm sure it's more than just the fuel pump now and am starting to wonder about the clutch. Maybe fuel is finding its way into the clutch and causing it to slip? Maybe it's just worn or needs adjusting somehow. I resolve to get her looked at and put it off no longer. She's got hardly any weight on board. Even fully loaded her Transit van engine shouldn't be struggling like this. We are slowing to 35mph on not very steep hills. it seems worse on long climbs which is why I am starting to think it might be fuel causing the slippage. The engine races but she just doesn't move any faster.

Apart from that it was a pretty uneventful journey to the Poole household. We had drinks and music and a few guests arrived to stay the night for the party the next day. Eleanor and I discussed a playlist, I uploaded a few tracks from her CDs and we all watched the Britain's Got Talent final together.

Next day at 1pm Dave Rainbow and I got access to the little village hall where the fashion show themed party will be. After I worked out that there was nothing wrong with the PA apart from the fact that I had plugged one side into the sub bass output which was why it had no top end, the setup went smoothly. Dave rigged his lights including my new laser cluster toy and we waited for the kids to arrive.

A guy called Campbell did an ad-lib fashion guru act and the kids loved it. I played everything on Eleanor's list and had a great time keeping the kids dancing for a couple of hours. The fashion show itself was a huge hit and just about everyone had a go walking up and down the catwalk.

Ed's older brother Simon turned up with his two newly adopted daughters which was quite a nice surprise too. Ed and he haven't been talking for a while. I haven't seen him for over 25 years either.

The whole village is talking about the party now I'm told.

Happy birthday Eleanor.

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