Saturday, 17 January 2009

Sinking in

Today was spent making the kitchen worktop that will house the sink/hob. It involved some pretty tricky cuts as the corner it will fit into is about 94 degrees with a bit nipped off the corner and the sink itself is a sort of kidney shape. I surprised myself as to how well it turned out and will screw, and glue it all into place tomorrow. I did have to go to Homebase twice and got slightly more than the average number of looks and smiles. One crusty old beardy chap with half his face tattooed stopped in his tracks when he saw Althea. I guessed he was once a traveller and recognized if not the actual vehicle , the genre at least. I also bought a nice rainbow stripey rug that looks great in the back too.

I promise some photos tomorrow when the sink is in.

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Anonymous said...

me peers in ...pokes you PICTURES!!!