Thursday, 13 November 2008

A ha'peth of rubber

Like on those far too common reality contest shows where this week's loser has to wait that extra ten seconds to hear their name. I just have to wait until tomorrow morning now to hear if the small rubber hose that will complete Althea in the eyes of the MOT tester, has arrived. I don't know why but I quite like the fact that after all the hassles, 4 engines and so many extra weeks it has now come down to the size and type of thread on the end of a bit of hose. One arrived yesterday but it was the wrong type.

There's no reason why the next installment shouldn't be the one telling you all about the 202 mile drive home. Hopefully with photos of Althea at the service station or on the road and the two of us making daisy chains in a sunny meadow. But I am quite prepared for there to be photos of her being hoisted onto the back of a recovery vehicle or having her fifteen minutes of fame by blocking the M25.

I need to buy a three pole three way toggle switch and a car battery to cigarette lighter connector. I must remember to pack my gps (for speedo) and sat nav. Also tools and blankets just in case.

Watch this space camperfans.

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